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This is my pride and joy. This is Wendy.
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My curiosity made me follow a white rabbit and end up in this hole. You might find that I'm not all here myself.

un·in·ter·est·ing adj. Arousing little or no interest or curiosity; boring.
point·less adj. Lacking meaning; senseless. Ineffectual.

Yep, that about sums it up. Or there is this:


Expect nothing meaningful or relevant, it's just not going to happen. I am convinced this journal is only here for my own entertainment (as I am easily amused).

I tend to go on about whatever fannish thing catches my eye. It used to be Firefly/Serenity (and Adam Baldwin's character Jayne) or other things Joss Whedon. Then I went off the deep end for Nick Cave. I still sometimes go on about him, as well. *swoons*
More recently, Robert Pattinson may have taken over my life, but Tom Hiddleston is currently making a run for lead obsession.

Also, I lurk... a lot... frequently. There is a high probability that if you are reading this, I've read yours, too. *evil laugh* Of course, I'm (mostly) harmless and don't bite (much). This journal is "friends only" but new friends are always welcome. Leave a comment at the public post and I'll know to add you. I, um... have a very bad memory.


A link for me to systematically prioritize any future purchases has been made easy by Amazon's Wish List. Yes, I do want that. Don't judge, just laugh and snicker politely. ;D

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